Between Being (for Galleri Format), 2021

Group exhibition at Galleri Format. Oslo. NO

2021 Between Being, Jakob Oredsson 2021 Between Being, Jakob Oredsson 2021 Between Being, Jakob Oredsson


Between Being was a work created for Galleri Format and the anniversary exhibition Are We Human. It was a work which sought to include the environment in its very form. Engaged in an explicit relationship with its environment, in pursuit a situation in which the border between work and context was breathing. An image of light appeared in the work which was mimicking the distinct geometrical structure in the ceiling of the gallery.

Exploring the screen as material is intertwined with the state of being between. There is no rigid border between image and light in the screen, the image appears while the light is there, the image is inseparable from the light, they are simultaneously bound together and separated. Nothing is more real or more present than the other, the light or the image.

Embedded within the work was a reflection upon the material out of which it was made, a constant negotiation of the form-content binary. A binary which corresponds to the light-image binary.

The work sought a sensation of hesitation, a shimmering shifting between states, between foreground and background, a being between, or between being. Between Being strived to exist in solidarity with the context it is one part of.

Participating artists

Annike Flo, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Leif Stangebye-Nielsen, Helene Duckert, Tanya Busse, Jakob Oredsson, Kåre Grundvåg, Jorge Manilla and Sigrid Espelien.

Curated by

Ida Bringedal and Ida Olesdatter

Supported by

Norske Kunsthåndverkere, Kunsthåndverkernes fond


Thomas Tveter


led screen (1,8 m x 1,8 m) (pixel pitch: 9.375mm), cables, control unit