Jakob Oredsson is an artist, architect and scenographer, currently Artistic Research Fellow at Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) with the project Scenography as Symbiosis, 2020-2023, which seeks to outline an ontology of scenography, exploring how scenography exists. After receiving a BA in scenography from NTA, Jakob studied architecture at The Cooper Union and The Pratt Institute in New York and received an MA in Architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Between 2018-2020 Oredsson held the position as Assistant Professor in Scenography at NTA.

Oredsson has realized works in public, gallery and theatre contexts, through a variety of mediums. Works which endeavor to engange existing environment in its very form, seeking to queer binaries such as art-context, form-content, active-passive and culture-nature, accentuating ambiguity and embracing flat ontology.

Work has been presented at Atelier Hotel Pro forma (DK), Berlin Light Art Weekend (DE), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO), Black Box Teater (NO), Bratislava Design Week (SK), The Cooper Union (US), Copenhagen Light Festival (DK), Copenhagen Stage (DK), Factory Studios (US), Festival of Independent Performing Arts (DK), Galleri CC (SE), Galleri F15 (NO), Galleri Format (NO), Glyptoteket (DK), Kino Kino Kunstsal (NO), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (RU), Momentum Kunsthall (NO), New Shelter Plan (DK), OK Corral (DK), The Prague Quadriennale (CZ), Reflector Light Festival (DK), Rosendal Teater (NO), The Watermill Center (US), 49B Studios (US), as well as public spaces in Aarhus (DK), Budapest (HU), Copenhagen (DK), Fredrikstad (NO), Helsingborg (SE), Moss (NO), New York (US), Oslo (NO) and Stavanger (NO).

Artistic Research Fellow - Scenography department - Norwegian Theatre Academy / Østfold University College

Visiting professor at The Academy of Performing Arts, Prague

Artist in resident 2020-2023 at TOU, Stavanger, Norway

Currently lives and works in Oslo

Selected works and exhibitions

  • 2022   Symbiotic Surfaces (Black Box teater Beings). Temporary public work. Black Box teater. Oslo. NO
    • 2021   Symbiotic Scenes (Public Picturing). Temporary public work. TOU. Stavanger. NO
      • 2021   Between Being. Group exhibition. Are We Human. Galleri Format. Oslo. NO
        • 2021   Opening Night (with Black Box teater). Verk Produksjoner. Black Box teater. Scenography and light concept. Oslo. NO
          • 2020   Heartfelt (with Rosendal Teater). Magnus Myhr. Rosendal Teater. Scenography and light concept. Trondheim. NO
            • 2020   Seeing Solidarity (for Kino Kino). Seen Unseen. Group exhibition. Kino Kino Kunstsal. Sandnes. NO
              • 2020   Temperature Tuning (for Moss). Temporary public light work. Galleri F15. Moss. NO
                • 2019   The Big Dream (with Black Box teater). Verk Produksjoner. Black Box teater. Scenography and light concept. Oslo. NO
                  • 2019   Seeing Solidarity (for Galleri CC). Underlying Resonance. Galleri CC. Group show. Copenhagen. DK
                    • 2019   Unseen Being Seen (Seeing Solidarity). OK Corral. Solo show. Copenhagen. DK
                      • 2018   Continuous Camouflage (for Alte Munze). Extended Mind. Alte Munze. Group show. Berlin. DE
                        • 2018   Gradual Exposure (for Slottsbacken). Temporary public work. Uppsala. SE
                          • 2018   Ongoing Objects (for Erdődyho Palác). Group show. BADW 2018. Bratislawa. SK
                          • 2018   Double Focus. Permanent public work. Århus. DK
                          • 2017   Temperature Field (for Grønningen). Temporary public work. Ørestad. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2017   Gradual Exposure (for Søndermarken). Temporary public work. Reflektor Light Festival. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2017   Present Greens (Landscapes Are Images). Temporary public work. (X)sites - Kattegattleden. Helsingborg. SE
                          • 2017   Potential Park (for Csepel). Temporary public work. Csepel. Budapest. HU
                          • 2017   Future Path (for Moss River). Temporary public work. Moss. NO
                          • 2017   Puls (for Christianshavns Kanal). Temporary public work. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2016   Temporary Beacons (for Fredrikstad). Temporary public work. Fredrikstad. NO
                          • 2016   Spontaneous Walks (Copenhagen). Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2016   Lucid Projections (for Enghaveparken). Temporary public work. DFFF16. CPH Stage. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2016   Thermometer (for Glyptoteket). Temporary public work. Glyptoteket. Frost16. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2015   Continued Entrance. Group show. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow. RU
                          • 2015   New Shelter Plan Exhibition Space. Solo show. New Shelter Plan. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2014   Lyt Til Kbh. Collaboration w. Public work. Kristian Hverring. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2014   Focus Series. KADK. Hotel Pro forma. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2013   Black Line. Temporary public work. The Royal Libray. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2013   New York City Site Maps. FTemporary public work. actory Studios. New York. US
                          • 2012   Sky Line. Temporary public work. The Royal Libray. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2012   Here We Are. Group show. 49B Studios. New York. US
                          • 2011   Here There Here. Money Honey. Group show. The Bedroom Project. New York. US

                          • 2011   Cooper Horizon. Temporary public work. The Cooper Union. New York. US
                          • 2011   You Are (Mirror steps). Group show. The Watermill Center. Long Island. US
                          • 2011   Here (Wind). Group show. The Watermill Center. Long Island. US
                          • 2010   In and Out. Group show. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow. RU
                          • 2010   Solid Void. Ny Tap – Carlsberg. Copenhagen. DK
                          • 2010   Erase The Play. Momentum kunsthall. Collaboration w. Annick Lavalle-Benny. Moss. NO


                          Residencies and research fellowships

                          Support and prizes

                            2021   KORO - Public Art Norway. Symbiotic Scenes. Project funding. NO
                          • 2020   Arts Council Norway. Symbiotic Scenes. Project Funding. NO
                          • 2019   Danish Arts Foundation. Unseen Being Seen. DK
                          • 2018   The Swedish Arts Grants Committee - IASPIS. SE
                          • 2017   Ørestaden Grundejerforening. Temperature Field. DK
                          • 2017   Københavns Kommune. Reflektor Light Festival. DK
                          • 2016   Københavns Kommune. DFFF16. Lys forestillinger (for Enghaveparken). DK
                          • 2016   Københavns Kommune. Frost16. Thermometer (for Glyptoteket). DK
                          • 2015   The Danish Arts Foundation. New Shelter Plan. DK
                          • 2015   Toyota-Fonden. New Shelter Plan. DK
                          • 2011   The Pratt Institute. Tuition Scholarship. US
                          • 2011   The Cooper Union. Full tuition scholarship. US
                          • 2011   Prague Quadrennial. Gold Medal - Most Promising Talent. Erase The Play. CZ


                          • TW Stiftung. DE
                          • Selected workshops

                            • 2021   Things Can Move by Themselves. The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. CZ
                            • 2021   Symbiotic Scenes. Norwegian Theatre Academy. MA in Scenography. NO
                            • 2020   Scenography as Symbiosis. Norwegian Theatre Academy. Norwegian BioArt Arena. NO
                            • 2019   Everything is Outside. Norwegian Theatre Academy. NO
                            • 2019   Sensing with Voice and Light. w. Electa Behrens. The Norwegian Theatre Academy. NO
                            • 2016   Temporary Beacons. Workshop. Norwegian Theatre Academy. NO
                            • 2016   Public Space as Light Laboratory. Workshop. Norwegian Theatre Academy. NO
                            • 2015   Performative Objects in Public Space. Workshop. Norwegian Theatre Academy. NO

                            Jury and curatorial work

                            • 2019   Jury member for Norwegian Theatre Academy BA Scenography auditions. NO
                            • 2017   Curatorial team and jury member for Copenhagen Light Festival 2018. DK
                            • Selected talks

                              • 2021   Symbiotic Scenes. TOU. Stavanger. NO
                              • 2019   Scenography as Public Dialogue. The House of Literature in Fredrikstad. NO
                              • 2018   Work presentation with topic of Identity. BADW. SK
                              • 2017   Light and light art in the city – pollution or enhancement? Reflektor Light Festival. DK
                              • Selected articles, media and publications

                                • 2022   "Det krevende kollektivet". Scenekunst.no. Symbiotic Surfaces (Black Box teater Beings). Oslo. NO
                                • 2021   "Hånden som handler og munnen som snakker". Kunsthåndverk. Are We Human. Between Being. NO
                                • 2021   Are We Human. "Att var en del av". Publication by Galleri Format. NO
                                • 2021   "Om å elske teater". Scenekunst.no. Opening Night. NO
                                • 2021   "Verk produksjoner om kunsten vi ikke skal ta for gitt". Dagsavisen. Opening Night. NO
                                • 2021   "Teateranmeldelse: Like fint og rart som det er smalt". Aftenposten. Opening Night. NO
                                • 2020   "Legg bort mobilene - og se!". Stavanger Aftenblad. Seeing Solidarity (for Kino Kino). NO
                                • 2020   "Artist interview". Gallerif15.no. Temperature Tuning (for Moss). NO
                                • 2020   "Nytt lyspunkt i hverdagen". Moss Avis. Temperature Tuning (for Moss). NO
                                • 2019   "Verk med nyanser av Lynch". Dagsavisen. The Big Dream. NO
                                • 2019   "Verden finnes ikke ennå – den holder på å bli til". Norsk Shakespeare Tidsskrift. The Big Dream. NO
                                • 2019   "Drømmen om en silkeglatt bevegelse". Scenekunst.no. The Big Dream. NO
                                • 2019   "Scenesamtaler - eposide 2". Podcast. Scenekunst.no. The Big Dream. NO
                                • 2019   "Rører en sliten teateranmelder". Klassekampen. The Big Dream. NO
                                • 2019   "Scenography as Ecology". Jakob Oredsson. Material Strategies. www.researchcatalogue.net. NO
                                • 2019   "Light is information". Dr Helena Horn Extended Mind - Light Art Weekend - Berlin - Catalogue - Print edition of 400. DE Publisher - Present Books
                                • 2019   "Unseen Being Seen (Seeing Solidarity)". I Do Art. Unseen Being Seen (Seeing Solidarity). DK
                                • 2019   "Unseen Being Seen (Seeing Solidarity)". Kopenhagen.dk. Unseen Being Seen (Seeing Solidarity). DK
                                • 2018   "Guest artist Jakob Oredsson". bratislavadesignweek.sk. BADW. Ongoing Objects (for Erdődyho Palác). SK
                                • 2018   "Experiment with light, space and thought". Alice Hinrichs, ARTE LUCE. ArtLight Magazine - Quarterly Magazine for Light as a Medium in fine Arts. DE Issue 2018/4 (November) No 9 Germany ISSN 2510-0998
                                • 2018   "Ljusfestival som livar upp i mörkret". Uppsala Nya Tidning. Gradual Exposure (for Slottsbacken). SE
                                • 2018   "Urban Labs Kunstnerlige Nedslag" ("Urban Labs Artistic Interventions"). Søren Møller Christensen Urban Lab - Byudvikling i krydsfeltet mellem plan og kultur. Double Focus. DK (Urban development in the cross section between plan and culture) Publisher - Urban Lab / Published - March 2018 ISBN: 978-87-994514-8-7
                                • 2018   "Ny lysfestival lyste opp februarmørket" ("New light festival lit up the February darkness") Lyskultur Nr. 1 2018. Copenhagen Light Festival. Temperature Field (for Grønningen). Chief editor - Katia Valerie Banoun - Publisher - Lyskultur ISSN 2464-3645
                                • 2018   "Portrait of Jakob Oredsson". Ørestad.net. Temperature Field (for Grønningen). DK
                                • 2018   "Lyskunst er klar til cyklister på Brabrandstien". Jyllands Posten. Double Focus. DK

                                • 2018   "Double Focus". TV2 Østjylland. Double Focus. DK
                                • 2018   "Slow Waters Run Deep". Arve Rød. PICTURE Project - Future Path / Potential Park - Budapest-Østfold - www.pictureproject.eu. HU. NO
                                • 2017   "Spektakulær lyskunst skal præge Brabrandstien og De Tre Broer". Lokalavisen Aarhus. Double Focus. DK
                                • 2017   "Gradual Exposure". Politiken. Gradual Exposure (for Søndermarken). Reflektor Light Festival. DK

                                • 2017   "(X)sites - Kattegattleden". Helsingborgs Dagblad. Present Greens (Landscapes Are Images). SE
                                • 2017   "Poesin i landskapet". Helsingborg.se. Present Greens (Landscapes Are Images). SE
                                • 2017   "Ser med kunstnerøyne på industribyen". Moss Avis. Future Path (for Moss River). PICTURE. NO
                                • 2017   "Utvalgt til internasjonalt kunstforskningsprosjekt". Østfold Kulturutvikling. NO
                                • 2016   "Østfolds skjulte teaterskatt". Khrono. Temporary Beacons (for Fredrikstad). NO

                                • 2016   "Lyt Til Kbh". Copenhagen Architecture Festival. Lyt Til Kbh. DK
                                • 2016   "Frost Festival offentliggør årets ambitiøse lyskunstprogram". Politiken. Thermometer (for Glyptoteket). DK
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                                • 2015   "New Shelter Plan Exhibition Space ". Kopenhagen.dk. New Shelter Plan Exhibition Space. DK
                                • 2013   "Black Line". The Royal Library. Black Line. DK
                                • 2013   "New York City Site Maps". Studio-X NYC. New York City Site Maps. US

                                • 2012   "50 meter langt korridor-værk på offentlige pladser i København". Jyllands Posten. Corridor Project. DK
                                • 2010   "Ung Helsingborgskonstnär på Moskvabiennal". Helsingborgs Dagblad. In and out. SE