Puls (For Christianshavns Kanal), 2017

Christianshavns Kanal. Copenhagen. DK


Puls (For Christianshavns Kanal) was a temporary light intervention for Christianshavns Kanal in Copenhagen. The work transformed a house boat, named Tripitaka, into a slowly pulsating light armature, as it was activated at sunset on February 4, 2017.

Passersby experienced an intense bright glow, constantly pulsating within the boat. The work engaged in ongoing communication with its surroundings. Simultaneously renegotiating the borders between the interior of the boat and exterior public space, as well as between the concepts of architecture and armature. Puls (For Christianshavns Kanal) functioned as a measuring device as related to orientation and perception in the urban environment.


Hampus Berndtson

Supported by

Tripitaka - Johna Hansen


8 x 10 W LED linear wash fixtures, control unit