Gradual Exposure (For S√łndermarken), 2017

Copenhagen. DK
Reflektor Light Festival


Gradual Exposure (For S√łndermarken) consists of 7 light masts forming a circle with a diameter of 10 meters. Each mast holds 2 lamps, one directed inwards and one outwards. The work is placed on a dark open grass field clearly defined by surrounding trees and bushes. Gradual Exposure is in continual transformation, slowly pulsating, gradually exposing the inner circle and its outer surroundings. Experiencing the work is radically different depending on ones position and distance in relation to it, if one is on its inside or outside. The inner experience is one of being blinded and disoriented, the outer experience one of seeing clearly and being oriented.


Tobias Brock Korsgaard

Supported by

Reflektor Light Festival, Ajos, Teater & Lysteknik


7 x 5 m tall light masts, 14 x Par 64 1000 W lamps, cables, dimmer, DMX controller