Jakob Oredsson is an artist, architect and scenographer working within the intersection of these fields. He strives to generate situations which encourage curious, open-ended encounters between the work and its context, the perceiver and the perceived, while renegotiating these definitions. Through the situations it generates the work insistently challenges binary understandings of space-time, subject-object and art-context.

Oredssons work is diverse and presented through a variety of mediums. In recent years his primary practice has been the creation of temporary public art works, often with light as medium. These works are often interventions of a temporary character, inclusive and accessible works which simultaneously exposes existing qualities and generates new conditions. In January 2018 his first permanent public art work opened, Double Focus, in Aarhus, Denmark.

His work has been presented at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma (DK), Bratislava Design Week (SK), The Cooper Union (US), Copenhagen Stage (DK), Factory Studios (US), Festival of Independent Performing Arts (DK), Glyptoteket (DK), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (RU), Momentum Kunsthall (NO), New Shelter Plan (DK), The Prague Quadriennale (CZ), The Watermill Center (US), 49B Studios (US), as well as public spaces in Aarhus (DK), Budapest (HU), Copenhagen (DK), Fredrikstad (NO), Helsingborg (SE), Moss (NO), New York (US) and Oslo (NO).

Assistant Professor Scenography - Norwegian Theatre Academy / Østfold University College

Currently lives and works in Oslo and Berlin

Selected works and exhibitions

  • 2018 Continuous Camouflage (For Alte Munze). Extended Mind. Alte Munze. Group exhibition. Berlin. DE
    • 2018 Gradual Exposure (For Slottsbacken). Uppsala. SE
      • 2018 Ongoing Objects (For Erdődyho Palác). Bratislava. SK
      • 2018 Double Focus. Århus. DK
      • 2017 Temperature Field. Ørestad. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2017 Gradual Exposure. Reflektor Light Festival. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2017 Present Greens (Landscapes Are Images). (X)sites - Kattegattleden. Helsingborg. SE
      • 2017 Potential Park (For Csepel). Csepel. Budapest. HU
      • 2017 Future Path (For Moss River). Moss. NO
      • 2017 Puls (For Christianshavns Kanal). Copenhagen. DK
      • 2016 Temporary Beacons (For Fredrikstad). Fredrikstad. NO
      • 2016 Spontaneous Walks (Copenhagen). Copenhagen. DK
      • 2016 Lucid Projections (For Enghaveparken). DFFF16. CPH Stage. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2016 Thermometer (For Glyptoteket). Glyptoteket. Frost16. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2015 Continued Entrance. Group show. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow. RU
      • 2015 New Shelter Plan Exhibition Space. Solo show. New Shelter Plan. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2014 Lyt Til Kbh. Collaboration w. Kristian Hverring. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2014 Focus Series. KADK. Hotel Pro Forma. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2013 Black Line. The Royal Libray. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2013 New York City Site Maps. Factory Studios. New York. US
      • 2012 Sky Line. The Royal Libray. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2012 Here We Are. Group show. 49B Studios. New York. US
      • 2011 Here There Here. Money Honey. Group Exhibition. The Bedroom Project. New York. US

      • 2011 Cooper Horizon. The Cooper Union. New York. US
      • 2011 You Are (Mirror steps). The Watermill Center. Long Island. US
      • 2011 Here (Wind). The Watermill Center. Long Island. US
      • 2010 In and Out. Group show. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow. RU
      • 2010 Solid Void. Ny Tap – Carlsberg. Copenhagen. DK
      • 2010 Erase The Play. Momentum kunsthall. Collaboration w. Annick Lavalle-Benny. Moss. NO


      Residencies and research fellowships

      Support and prizes

      • 2018 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee - IASPIS. SE
      • 2017 Ørestaden Grundejerforening. Temperature Field. DK
      • 2017 Københavns Kommune. Reflektor Light Festival. DK
      • 2016 Københavns Kommune. DFFF16. Lys Forestillinger (For Enghaveparken). DK
      • 2016 Københavns Kommune. Frost16. Thermometer (For Glyptoteket). DK
      • 2015 The Danish Arts Foundation. New Shelter Plan. DK
      • 2015 Toyota-Fonden. New Shelter Plan. DK
      • 2011 The Pratt Institute. Tuition Scholarship. US
      • 2011 The Cooper Union. Full tuition scholarship. US
      • 2011 Prague Quadrennial. Gold Medal. Erase The Play. CZ


      • TW Stiftung. DE
      • Teaching and workshops

        Jury and curatorial work

        • 2017 Curatorial team and jury member for Copenhagen Light Festival 2018. DK
        • Talks

          • 2018 Work presentation with topic of Identity. BADW. SK
          • 2017 Light and light art in the city – pollution or enhancement? Reflektor Light Festival. DK
          • Articles and reportages

            • 2018 Uppsala Nya Tidning. Gradual Exposure (For Slottsbacken). SE
            • 2018 Jyllands Posten. Double Focus. DK
            • 2018 TV2 Østjylland. Double Focus. DK
            • 2017 Lokalavisen Aarhus. Double Focus. DK
            • 2017 Politiken. Gradual Exposure. Reflektor Light Festival. DK
            • 2017 Helsingborgs Dagblad. (X)sites - Kattegattleden. SE
            • 2017 Moss-Avis. Future Path. PICTURE. NO
            • 2017 Østfold kulturutvikling. PICTURE. NO
            • 2016 Khrono. Temporary Beacons. NO
            • 2016 Copenhagen Architecture Festival. Lyt Til Kbh. DK
            • 2016 Politiken. Ibyen. Thermometer (For Glyptoteket). DK
            • 2015 Snyk. Lyt Til Kbh. DK
            • 2015 Seismograf. Lyt Til Kbh. DK
            • 2015 Kopenhagen. New Shelter Plan Exhibition Space. DK
            • 2013 The Royal Libray. Black Line. DK
            • 2013 Studio-X NYC. New York City Site Maps. US
            • 2012 Jyllands Posten. Corridor Project. DK
            • 2010 Helsingborgs Dagblad. In and out. SE